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Sandra Paetow Pro
Business Portraits for Discerning Professionals
I've been​ a professional portrait photographer for over twenty five years and during that time many of my clients have asked me if I could do their business/corporate images in addition to their family portraits. After getting so many requests, I decided to add this service as a separate entity to my business.
Your professional portrait is often the first thing a potential client or employee will see when deciding to reach out for you or your services. Your image and the faces of your company need to be front and center especially on the internet and social media world. These portraits will be seen thousands of times in a variety of ways so they need to be creative, refined,impactful and professional! A quick shot from your phone just isn't good enough. That's where I come in...
 I create business portraits for marketing and advertising purposes for websites, Linkedin, social media platforms and corporate communication. I am a master portrait photographer with an eye for excellence. Having worked with a wide variety of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, authors, real estate agents, actors, models, politicians and business owners and executives, I have the experience and talent to create dynamic, eye-catching business portraits and head shots that stand out and reflect each person's unique personality and style. The process is simpe and quick and it is the only area of my business that allows for digital files to be purchased. 
By providing helpful wardrobe and make up tips, professional lighting, artistic enhancement and a comfortable studio environment for my clients, the results are always outstanding... see for yourself!

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